4-Poorts VGA Schakelaar Met Audio-Ondersteuning Zwart


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The VS0401 4-Port VGA Switch with Audio allows you to connect four audio/video source computers to a single monitor or projector with full audio and quickly switch between the devices for use.

VS0401 built-in bi-directional RS-232 serial port for high-end system control, and advanced RS-232 control. With the ability to use high-end serial control devices via RS-232 commands allows the VS0401 to be controlled by secondary systems with advanced functions such as: port switching, auto switching, front panel pushbutton lock, and Power on Detection.

The VS0401 is perfect for the meeting room, media centers, class rooms, or any presentation environment requiring multiple audio/video sources to be accessed on a single display.

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Gewicht 885 kg
Afmetingen 240 × 160 × 61 cm