HDMI-Converter HDMI-Ingang – HDMI-Uitgang + TosLink Female + 3x RCA Female


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The VC880 is an HDMI Repeater with an added audio de-embedder that extracts and converts the audio signal from the HDMI input. This means that as well as the repeated HDMI audio and video signal output, users can also choose between analog stereo audio via RCA connectors or digital audio via optical or coaxial connectors as an additional high quality audio output. With support for 3D TV formats, the VC880 is ideal for users who want to enjoy high defi nition video with their choice of high defi nition audio output on TVs, projectors, A/V receivers or speakers.

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Gewicht 692 kg
Afmetingen 245 × 165 × 65 cm