Stereo Audiokabel 3.5 mm Male – 3.5 mm Male 2.00 m Antraciet


&bull: 24k Hard Gold plated contacts, for excellent protection against corrosion resulting in life time performance
&bull: Die cast metal alloyed connectors with polished chrome shielding to ensure long lasting connectivity without signal influence or loss
&bull: Superior flexible outer cable jacket, avoids cable twisting and cable fracture
&bull: Superior Grade 99,996% Oxygen Free Copper, ensures lowest possible signal loss and crystal clear sound
&bull: High Quality PPE insulation, to ensure crystal clear sound performance
&bull: Pearlized chrome plated metal connector with metal inner case, for maximum reduction of RF/EMI interference
&bull: Copper braided cable shielding ensure error free signal transfer quarantining crisp and clear sound
&bull: Color coded plugs with silver soldering, for easy installation and minimum transition resistance
&bull: Special small size 3.5 mm connector, compliant with Apple ¨ iPhone™ & iPod Touch™ and iPad
&bull: Solid black coated non-reflection jacket on audio interconnect, to assure purest signal transfer

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IAT-technologie & superieure afscherming voor ongeëvenaard gedetailleerd en helder geluid.

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Gewicht 213 kg
Afmetingen 270 × 150 × 30 cm