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The PHANTOM-S effectively enhances the speed of front sight accuracy in FPS shooting games, offering the best FPS gaming experience.

Not doing so well with FPS games on the game console?
Can’t aim and shoot fast enough or accurately?
The PHANTOM-S is the answer for players fed up with the drawback of clumsy slow controllers!

The PHANTOM-S is specially designed to assist the gamer in FPS games on game consoles.
You can abandon the conventional gamepad to enjoy smooth controls, enhanced accuracy, and continuous-fire with a PC keyboard and mouse for fi rst-person shooter games on game consoles.

The PHANTOM-S adopts ACT (Agile Control Translator) signal conversion technology proudly developed by ATEN.
Our technology provides smooth mouse movements, enhanced continuous-fi re with directed straight-line accuracy, instant sensitivity adjustments, straightforward macro settings, laptop operation, and regular updates that improve gameplay.
The PHANTOM-S allows you to switch over and easily become an outstanding FPS player with customized keyboard and mouse gameplay – whether you are a professional PC game player or a console game player.

Package Contents
1x LIN6-04U1-M18G USB A to Mini USB B Cable (1,8m)
1x LIN6-04U1-M19G USB A to Mini USB B Cable (1m)
1x LIN5-08N1-N11G Setting Cable
1x User Instructions

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Gewicht 420 kg
Afmetingen 55 × 155 × 225 cm